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Inside: A sample work from home mom routine for Muslim mothers plus tips and tricks for WAHMS to work less and do more!

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Working from home is a choice and you’ve already made it. But as a Muslimah and a WAHM, you may be juggling responsibilities of not just working from home amidst kids, but of faith and wanting to have time for yourself too. You want to bring back the balance in your life but you wonder if it is possible…

I have 20 years of experience as a WAHM and I’d like to share with you a few secrets.

My 20+ years of experience working from home.

I have been working from home for over 20 years. Much before online learning was a thing and even much before remote jobs were common, I was a lucky few who created work for myself in the comfort of my home.

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    When I started, I wasn’t even married. I was actually at college and then later working as a lecturer. Somehow, I ended up taking up an online job, then soon got married and moved to another country as an expat trailing wife. This kind of work was just what worked for my lifestyle.

    It wasn’t just marriage and kids. Over the years, I had four children in six years, and then I tot-schooled my toddlers, juggled babies, toddlers and a school aged child before homeschooling three kids… and all the while working from home.

    The little children grew bigger and now that my kids are a little older, I could commit to bigger adventures – jet set and opening a company, hiring employees and running a full time business from my home while having readers, students and customers from around the world.

    I can tell you a few things about working from home with my experience.

    When WAHMs don’t have a stable routine…

    When moms don’t work on a schedule or don’t have good time management skills, the #1 thing that will suffer is their family life. And sooner or later, this will be the end of your WAHM career.

    I have been through this myself. Many times, when I was still having my babies or they were small, I had to quit jobs or let go of opportunities because there was chaos at home or I was burnt out.

    I realized long ago that it was very important for my children to have a good sleep and day time routine, but I failed to see how my routine could be the one causing the problem too.

    If mothers don’t have good daily habits, their routine will be messed up and no matter how hard they try to fix the children’s routines, they cannot beat the overwhelm in their home. So it is essential that you first look at your daily routine.

    Moms need good routines too.

    I have worked with a lot of women over the years. We are a totally women run company so, I mostly hire women who are either work-from-home moms or those who are on a break from their corporate life to manage their kids and looking for something on the side. The one quality that we look for in our employees are women who can deliver what they are hired to do.

    I also work closely with many women who want to learn time management and productivity skills from me. We love challenging each other into adopting new habits that can help with not just our routines but also in self-care and faith.

    My experience with working with so many mothers has been that the most successful women (and the best employees) are those who are organized and have a good balance in their home-work lifestyle.

    Some habits of successful work from home mothers.

    Almost always, I find that the professional ladies are those who are very strict with their office hours, work ethics and those who are very clear about what they will do and won’t.

    That said, I have noticed some common habits among these successful women. For example, almost every mother who works with me tells me that their children have a 7-7pm routine. Meaning to say, they understand that their routines and their children’s routines go hand in hand.

    I also find it really interesting, that most of my business buddies and I – we actually prefer early mornings for meets ups, calls and catching up ( even if it is just instant messaging) — something that I find non-WAHMs just cannot do at all.

    I have also found that since all my coworkers and business ladies are Muslimahs, we are all early risers – women who wake at 4am! And nobody entertains calls or DMs after 9pm!

    Interesting isn’t it?

    So what is it that these WAHMs know about a good routines that helps them be successful with this kind of a lifestyle.?

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    7 things that makes my work from home mom schedule easier.

    There are a few things that I swear by and I recommend for you too, if you are a WAHM or a wanna-be work-from-home-mother.

    1. Time block the office hours.

    There should be a time for office and a time for family. Work at home moms need Office Hours just as they need Home Blessing hours.

    Don’t mix them them up. Don’t let your office-stress spill over to your home and your home-stress spill over your work. Both will suffer.

    Have strict 9-5 kind of Office Hours. It is not hard. (See my sample routine below.)

    2. Make an ‘I won’t do list’.

    When you choose to become a WAHM, you have to remember that you are human and have limitations. Multitasking is not for smart people. You cannot be working all the time and doing everything. Nor can you be everything for everyone because you will have to have some boundaries.

    Most people think about the ‘how’ before they think about the ‘what’. Understand what you will not do first and clearly mark it because once your realize what things should not be on your to-do list, it become easier to focus on the things you should be concentrating on.

    Also remember: it doesn’t matter if there is someone who can share those responsibilities (at home) or not because the truth is that you have to decide what you will not do first. Once you decide what you are not willing to do, the solution to how that work gets done will automatically start showing up.

    3. Have some smart home systems.

    Mothers rise and fall at the level of their home systems.

    Seriously, you need a system for running your home! If you don’t have it, then you may as well give up on working from home now because later, you definitely will fail miserably.

    Create systems of how you will clean, cook, organize and get things done in your home but also make sure your family knows what those systems are!

    4. Make your family your team mates.

    Every successful WAHM or Boss Mom will tell you that behind her success is the support of her family. That support was not won over night. She didn’t have it from the beginning but she did do the work on herself and her family to come to the place she is.

    So, start with communicating your needs, your dreams and your love to your family. When they know what you want and what you feel, they will come to your “rescue”.

    5. Invest in a good life.

    If you want to earn some money, whether from home or outside, know the value of what that money can bring – freedom of time. You may actually be able to afford freedom of time right now too.

    There are appliances and tools that help us keep the home and run it. Educate yourself, do some research and invest in time saving tools.

    6. Take the weekends off.

    The one thing that will ensure that you’re not burnt out or drowning in work (at home or at work) is your ability to come up for air! There is a reason why the world needs weekends. It is so that you can work efficiently.

    I was making this mistake for a very long time when I was a mom of babies and toddlers. I would work on weekends because my husband was home. Do you know what suffered while I was doing this? Not my work, but my relationship with my kids and husband.

    For this reason, I was always annoyed with the kids and my husband wanted me to quit my work. So, I learnt this the hard way before realizing that I didn’t have to work on the holidays. I could take time off. I was the boss of my life.

    So are you. Choose family over work and inshaAllah, you will come back during the week more happy, rejuvenated and creative when you take those weekend off.

    7. Have a good morning routine.

    If I had to tell you just one tip to help you remove stress from your life and start your day right as a WAHM, I would tell you to focus on this – your morning routine.

    The way you start your morning is what will set the tone for your whole day. It is how productive you will be and how you manage your to-do list. If you are productive in the morning – if you have good morning habits, you will have gotten 80% of your work done by 12pm. I am not kidding. Ask any successful WAHM and she will tell you!

    So these are the 7 habits of highly successful work-from-home mothers that you should adopt. Want a sample routine? Read on…

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    How I can help you with your WAHM routine

    If you have read so far, I am thinking you probably are looking for a permanent solution to your problem. You may have seen many other such mom routines over the web and be a little worried about how you can actually implement all these ideas…

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    I help Muslim mothers beat overwhelm, manage their time better, allowing you to efficiently organize your life to create more time for yourself, your family, and your faith.

    So, whether you are a new mom or mom of multiple children – stay at home mom or WAHM, work outside or run a business from home , even whether you homeschool or public school. If you want to know how to manage a home with little babies and toddlers, follow your dreams AND have time for rest and relationships, you have come to the right place. I can help.

    I teach an online time-management course called Every day Productivity for Muslim Mothers.

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    Everyday Productivity For Muslim Mothers is a life-changing, scientific research and Islamic teachings based, time-management system that is proven to help you bring back balance in your life to be a happier, more intentional and organized mother you always wanted to be.

    EPMM is a time management course designed specifically for Muslim Mothers. In just 30 days, we teach you how to easily create the right habits that will help you beat overwhelm.


    Save it for later!

    Wish you could be more productive?

    Our Make It Easy Planner Pages are a digital download that help you:

    1. Organize your to-do list according to priorities
    2. Stay on top of everyday responsibilities
    3. Create a weekly meal plan within minutes
    4. Manage your household chores easily
    5. Live a barakah filled Muslim lifestyle!

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